briig & modern Croatian artist Zoran Simunovic

briig & modern Croatian artist Zoran Simunovic

from 11th Feb till 11th April 2023.

exhibition in the lobby of the briig boutique hotel


Zoran Šimunović (Nuštar, 1984) is a Croatian artist who lives and works in Osijek, Croatia. He entered the Academy of Fine Arts in Široki Brijeg in 2008 and graduated in 2013 in the class of Professor Antun Boris Švaljek.

He then obtained a position as curator of the Vukovar City Museum, for which he developed a playful cultural program aimed at a young audience.

Croatian artist Zoran Šimunović's large-format oil paintings create symbolic worlds full of memories and feelings, using a visual language of vivid colors, halfway between abstraction and figuration.

He finds inspiration in the spaces where he lives and creates, as well as in common and ordinary objects: toys, fruits, furniture, plants... all the little things that seem banal but which, for his story and his own identity, are invaluable.

The artist's contemporary paintings, halfway between figuration and abstraction, acquire a strong narrative character and tell stories with a little humor and a lot of poetry.

With his critically acclaimed works and exhibitions, Zoran Šimunović is now one of the most recognized and sought-after contemporary Croatian artists. He has exhibited in galleries and museums in Croatia, Italy, Austria, and Hungary; his works are in the public collections of four Croatian museums.

In 2012, he won the Sony Award with co-director Svetislav Cvetković for the short film "Book". In 2019 he was the only visual artist selected by the prestigious American design magazine Regard Magazine for the feature "Croatia full of life".

The artist attributes his success to the motivation and determination that have guided his work and efforts in recent

"I think it is necessary to develop your own writing and to be true to yourself, to be incorruptible. This is always recognized."
Zoran Šimunović